Paso Doble



Paso Doble is the dance of the bullfight featuring the Matador, the Cape and the Bull. The man is the Matador and forms the shape around which the lady can dance in her role as Cape, sometimes Flamenco female dancer and sometimes symbolic of the bull mainly to signify its death. As the dance is loosely based on the actual bullfights performed in places like Madrid and Barcelona, there is a marching accent to the dance which reflects the type of music played in the Spanish bullring. There are circling movements where the Matador and his lady (Cape) circle the Bull. There are attacking steps like the Appel which is a loud stamp to get the Bull's attention and retreating steps where the Matador masterfully removes himself from the path of the charging Bull. For social dancing the first steps you will learn are marching steps on the spot and very basic steps like some of those detailed below.

Paso Doble figures include: Sur Place, Basic Movement, Chasses to Right and Left including the Elevation, Drag, Deplacement, the Attack, the Slip Attack, Promenade, Promenade Link, Promenade Close, Ecart (Fallaway Whisk), Separation, Separation with Ladies Caping Walks, Huit, Sixteen, Promenade and Counter Promenade, Grand Circle, Open Telemark, La Passe, Banderillas, Twist Turn, Fallaway Reverse Turn, Coup de Pique, Left Foot Variation, Spanish Lines, Flamenco Taps, Syncopated Separation, Travelling Spins from Promenade Position, Travelling Spins from Counter Promenade Position, Fregolina, Twists, Chasse Cape.

The time signature of the Paso Doble is 2/4. There is an accent of the first beat of each bar. There are 60/62 bars per minute. Although in competitions traditional Spanish Paso Doble music is used, since the advent of Strictly Come Dancing with its new audience to the Paso Doble, more contemporary music may be used such as sometimes rock music.

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